About SunridExpress

Who We Are


SunridExpress is a family-owned, Canadian-based, affordable express transportation business that has proven to be a jewel for the residents of Barrie, Simcoe County and beyond. We are proud to have the full support of the community behind us because we believe in strong communities and a healthy environment. That was the impetus behind our concept.

SunridExpress was originally an idea born of a glaring lack of transportation options in the region; it evolved into a social project. We went out on the streets and interviewed pedestrians. We conducted polls and surveys. And we did town halls. The feedback we got offered overwhelming support for our business concept, but we wanted more. We wanted to know how to make it better.



JFK famously said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.This was our inspiration as we worked with dedicated members of our community in coming up with a comprehensive service. We could not have done it without them.

Today, SunridExpress stands as a proud pillar of economical, green alternative to the expense and hassle of driving through traffic, but our service will also appeal to groups out for a night on the town as it saves the need for a designated driver.


Our mission is to provide a safe, reliable, environmentally-friendly, express transportation alternative to driving, carpooling or public transit; and to help build community spirit through to sharing of rides for regular passengers and individuals with a wheelchair or other disability device. We have an option for one wheelchair or scooter ( weight and size look at our terms and condition )  in each bus. 


Why Choose Us

There are all kinds of reasons to use our service, and they are not limited to executives travelling to Toronto for their day job. Anyone concerned about the environment can come aboard and have fun doing it! Less pollution on the roads means a better conscience for you! Following here are some of the many advantages:


  • 18-passenger vans available with wheelchair access; baby strollers, bikes are welcome from the 1st of may .
  • Cheaper, safer & more reliable than carpooling;
  • Service runs every 2 hours;
  • Drivers who are insured, screened & wholly trustworthy;
  • No more headaches sitting on highways going nowhere;
  • Security for parents sending their teenager out to an event in the big city;
  • Convenient for when your car is in the shop, or your license has been suspended;
  • Convenient online booking & paying; pick up & drop off points.
  • Massive savings at tax time.



We are different from ridesharing and carpool because we have an insurance for our vans and buses. Should an accident or other issue occur, you might be left out to pasture as many do not consider themselves liable in any way. That means you’re gambling.

With us, you won’t have that concern. Rest assured we are responsible and will take care of you! Our drivers all have clean records and substantial experience.


Looking Forward

It is our intention to expand the company and offer the greenest possible service by bringing in electric buses. Stay tuned!