Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy applies to all employees, staff, volunteers, service providers, and contractors (the “staff”) of SunridExpress (collectively, the “Business”). It affirms the commitment of the Business to the protection of client personal information (the “Information”) and to provide information with respect to our collection, retention, use, disclosure, and disposal of the Information. It is intended to conform to the principles enunciated in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) (“PIPEDA”) as applicable.

All staff of the Business shall agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and our practices and procedures regarding the collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of Information, as amended from time to time.  In the event of any amendment to this Privacy Policy, appropriate notice thereof will be provided by the Business.  

Staff understand and agree that the services provided by the Business require a high degree of confidentiality and privacy protection.


  • The Purposes for which the Business collects personal information



The Business collects Information to:


  1. provide services to clients;
  2. ensure the safety and security of clients and staff;
  3. communicate with clients, including for service new and updates, promotional, and other purposes;
  4. inform decisions related to the services provided;
  5. assist in the planning, administration, and management of the Business and the quality of service provided by the Business;  
  6. ensure compliance with all applicable laws and lawful inquiries from government agencies;
  7. facilitate third parties in providing services or products to our clients in connection with any transaction or prospective transaction with the Business, including but not limited to third party payment software;
  8. enable the administration of billing, accounting, auditing, and collection and other functions associated with any transaction or prospective transaction with the Business; and
  9. for such other purposes as may be disclosed to a person before or at the time when their Information is collected.



  1. The Business limits the collection, use, and disclosure of Information to the minimum amount necessary to achieve the purposes for which the Business collects the information.
  2. The Business restricts access to Information to those staff members that need access to the Information to carry out their work at the Business.
  3. Staff shall covenant and agree not to access any client Information except only as necessary to fulfill the requirements of their work with the Business.

The Business will not collect information for any other purpose.  


  • Storage and Security



Information collected by the Business for any purpose may be stored in a secure database or file system, both physically and in electronic or other ephemeral form.  All staff of the Business are required to read this Policy and to covenant with the Business that they will maintain all Information acquired in the course of their employment or other contractual arrangement with the Business in the strictest confidence during and forever after the term of their dealings with the Business.


All Information that is stored physically is kept in lockable cabinets in areas access to which is restricted to the Staff and other authorized persons.


All Information that is stored electronically or in other ephemeral form is secured by confidential password(s), encryption or other means and may only be accessed by the Staff and other authorized persons.

While we take all reasonable measures to keep Information secure, methods of communicating Information to clients and third parties may not be completely secure and may be susceptible to loss, misrouting, and error. These include e-mail, telephone, and other means of transference.  


  • Use and Accuracy



The Business restricts its use of Information collected to the purposes identified in this Policy. The Business shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information it collects is kept accurate and up-to-date for the purposes for which it is collected.


If a client is aware of any changes to the Information that they have provided us, please inform us of the changes and we will update our records accordingly.  Clients may check and correct their Information by contacting our Privacy Contact Person.


Clients have the right to request a copy of or an opportunity to view their Information held by us. There are limited exceptions to the type of information a client cannot access, including information collected during an investigation or information that includes the Information of another person. We reserve the right to confirm the identity of the person seeking access to Information before complying with any access requests.  Request for access should be forwarded to our Privacy Contact Person.

Upon receipt of a request, we will advise if we have any Information in our care and control, as well as provide the individual with details of such personal information.  In responding to a request, the Business reserves the right to charge a prescribed fee for providing a copy of Information held by us or for an opportunity to view Information in our possession.


  • Retention and Disposal



Information is retained by the Business for not less than one year (the “minimum retention period”) following a client’s dealing with the Business or its staff.  Information is not retained beyond the minimum retention period, or when the information ceases to be useful for fulfilling the purposes identified in this Policy, whichever is later. Multiple copies of personal information may be retained in a like manner only as required for fulfilling the purposes identified in this Policy.


When no longer to be retained, Information stored in physical form is disposed of by secure shredding or other means as required to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing that information; Information stored in electronic or other ephemeral form is destroyed through erasure or other means, or is made anonymous, as required to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing that information.



  • Disclosure



Information may be disclosed only for the purposes identified in this Policy and only to the extent necessary. Any party to whom a disclosure of personal information is made will be required to give assurances that the Information will be protected in a like manner as this Policy describes and always in compliance with PIPEDA. The consent of an individual, express or implied, is required before any disclosure may be made.


Information may NOT be disclosed to any party for consideration.



  • Types of Personal Information collected



Information collected may include the following types of information, in both recorded and unrecorded forms:


  • Name, address, and telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Billing, account, and other related payment or financial information
  • Copies of, or information from, government-issued ID
  • Emails, letters or other documents
  • Date of birth
  • Information provided by the client in relation to a client’s use of a mobility device; and
  • Information related to payment or eligibility for the health care of the individual.



  • Consent



By providing Information to the Business an individual is deemed to consent to its collection, retention, disclosure and use by the Business for the purposes identified in this Policy, including disclosure to third parties as described in this Policy. Any use or disclosure of Information beyond the scope of this Policy requires consent.  Clients may limit or revoke their consent by giving notice to the Privacy Contact Person. Where consent is limited or revoked, it does not apply retroactively, it will apply from when notice was given on a going forward basis.

You may ask for additional information about the management of your Information.


  • Accountability



The Business has a designated individual (“Privacy Contact Person”) responsible for the Information which it stores and for ensuring staff adherence to this Policy and any guidelines pertinent to its implementation. The Privacy Contact Person may be contacted at:


Privacy Contact Person

19 Radenhurst Crescent
Barrie ON L4M 6C6

Individuals should contact the Privacy Contact Person if they wish to have access to or review the personal information which the Business has collected from that individual or if they wish to make a complaint or inquiry.  The Business requires that an individual’s identity be confirmed before any Information is released.